VI Orchestral

VI orchestral refers to the use of virtual instruments to emulate orchestral instruments. This is a technology that has developed greatly in the past two decades, and has matured recently with the advent of faster and more powerful computers. In many ways, the use of digital technology and audio sampling has made the process of creating music much less expensive and efficient for producers and directors, however it has sacrificed the warm and emotional aspects of the orchestra that can only be created with live performers.

It is extremely easy to get swept away with orchestral virtual instrumentation. The sound is so powerful and evocative that it is easy to lose track of what the music should be doing or how it should influence the listener. The possible combinations and sonic configurations are so extensive that it is easy to get lost. It is always interesting to imagine what classical composers of the past would have done with such rich tools.


Naumachia 01

Naumachia 02

Naumachia 03

Paramedian Osteoderms

Paramedian Osteoderms

Paramedian Osteoderms are bony deposits forming scales, plates or other structures in the dermal layers of the skin close to the center midline of an animal. They are found in many groups of extinct reptiles and in many cases osteoderms function as defensive armor. Paramedian Osteoderms are uncommon in mammals, but do occur in many xenarthrans such as armadillos and ground sloths.

Archelon 01

Tarjadia 02

Heliocanthus 03

Sauria 04

Henodus 05

Macroplata 06

Protoavis 07

Olney’s Lesions


Olney's lesions are a potential form of brain damage. They are named after John Olney, who conducted a study investigating neurotoxicity caused by PCP and related drugs in 1989. Occasionally, chemicals are not fully tested for the effects of damage to the brain, and sometimes it can take years before harm to humans is identified.

Dimethylsulfoxide 01

Hexane 02

Ethoxyethane 03

Neodymium 04

Phencyclidine 05

Cyclopentane 06

Dextromethorphan 07



Orchestral and electronic music for a documentary about Rodrigo Jordan, a Chilean mountain climber and engineer noted for his work in innovation, leadership and social development.

Geodis 01

Geodis 02

Geodis 03

Geodis 04



Thyone is a retrograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. This music was composed to honor its discovery in August 2003. Thyone is known in Greek mythology as the mother of Dionysus.

Thyone 01

Thyone 02

Thyone 03

Thyone 04

Thyone 05

Thyone 06



Electronic and Orchestral music for a documentary about Federico Paoletti, an electronic engineer and physicist employed at the European Gravitational Observatory in Pisa, Italy.

Spivot 01

Spivot 02

Spivot 03

Spivot 04

Spivot 05

Spivot 06

Spivot 07


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