Composing music for media requires one to emulate an enormous variety of styles that have been established through years of television production, theatre, radio and film. It is a chameleonic endeavor but the result is one that provides atmosphere and feeling for material that would otherwise be less engaging.

The videos speak for themselves, but the other examples included are compositions that have not been included in any productions, although they are viable examples that demonstrate how a style of music can create immediate associations, from sprightly cartoon music to traditional jazz ensembles from the 20s.


TeleTinkies Theme

Cartoon Music

Pilkington Glass Promotion

Django Style

Gondola Theme

Cosmic Ray

This is a reel for a cartoon that was similar to Buzz Lightyear. I composed the music and also included all of the sound effects, some of which are quite impactful. I totally enjoy this type of project, probably because I spent my childhood in front of the television watching material just like this.


A documentary about an unspoiled area of Africa, hidden away in the far reaches of Kenya. An inspiring and spacious style of music is used which lends itself to the ariel shots and beautiful scenery. The star of this documentary is the hippopotamus, who appears repeatedly in various situations.

Bates Dorland

This is a one minute commercial for promotion of tax and duty-free shopping at airports. The premise is that of a bumbling secret agent tracking down a suspect, and becoming distracted by the low prices and quality merchandise. I listened to some Henry Mancini Pink Panther soundtracks for inspiration.

Time Machine Earth

A proposal for a television series which contains a character traveling through different eras of history. There are a number of transitional stages in the music that were important to synchronize and interpret. Although the concept is interesting the idea for the series never quite got off the ground.

After Death

After Death is a short film about a man who murders a deaf woman by accident. He is experiencing flashbacks of the incident on his deathbed. The two scenes shown here are one where he admires the young woman outside his print shop, and the other is of him returning to the scene of the accident. The tone of the music is dated and moody.

Mzima Hippos

An additional scene from the Mzima documentary showing how the hippopotamus allows small fish to clean the teeth and the inside of the mouth. It is a very delicate yet functional process. The music attempts to convey both the fragile nature of the fish and the grandeur of the hippopotamus.

Florida Credits

This is the final credits for a news feature about crime in Florida. For many musicians involved with media, the credits are the only time the music can be heard without dialogue or narration. This closing music uses a samba beat, which is appropriate for this tropical region. More cowbell!


You can also investigate my entire back catalogue of wonky techno stuff from the Studio1057 BandCamp page at http://studio1057.bandcamp.com which includes full free downloads.

There is also an experimental project called Magnets that I have been working on and off for a few years at http://soundcloud.com/siebert-tenseven which is the Siebert Tenseven SoundCloud page, le nom de plume de l'oiseau avec une ambiance scandinave allemand!


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