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About Me


I earned a BA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, where I took cross-tuition courses at Brown University in Computer Science, American Civilization and Ethnomusicology.

Since I was not a serious performing musician, I pursued a career in marketing and advertising, while retaining a strong interest in the developments occurring in MIDI based composition and technology.

You may also be interested in checking out my design website at cbirdesign.com and my painting and fine arts website at cbird167.weebly.com

Achievements and Certifications

ThinkSpace Music For The Media
An essential course for learning the ins and outs of scoring music for television, commercials, cartoons, documentaries, movies, computer games and corporate videos. Covers every aspect of synchronizing audio to time code and conveying the intentions of producers and directors.

ThinkSpace Cinematic Orchestration
Fully immersive and provides complete specifics regarding the intricacies of instrumentation and notation. Includes the study of works by modern composers and establishes the usage of the Sibelius notation software for writing full scores and parts for orchestra.

Coursera Introduction to Music Theory
A very good bare bones course for learning every aspect of music theory including the famous "Father Christmas Gave Dad An Electric Blanket" algorithm for remembering the order of sharps on a stave. Final project includes the analysis of a Mozart sonata.

Coursera Survey of Music Technology
This is a fantastic course following innovations in music technology during the past half century. Includes a crash course in the sequencing program Reaper, along with a full introduction to JavaScript programming for music using the EarSketch application platform.


You can also investigate my entire back catalogue of wonky techno stuff from the Studio1057 BandCamp page at http://studio1057.bandcamp.com which includes full free downloads.

There is also an experimental project called Magnets that I have been working on and off for a few years at http://soundcloud.com/siebert-tenseven which is the Siebert Tenseven SoundCloud page, le nom de plume de l'oiseau avec une ambiance scandinave allemand!


This is a download-heavy website that is hosted on a shared server, so there are times when it will not function perfectly. Each file download can be viewed in the horizontal bar included in the media player. Be patient and the files should load correctly. Sometimes it's a good idea to reload the page.

All of the music files are duplicated and available at the Studio1057 SoundCloud page, and all of the videos can be viewed at the Studio1057 YouTube page, however the commentary is not quite as cohesive.