I am Chris Bird and this is my music website. My works are often classified as part of the new orchestral movement using computer-generated instruments and processing to create a unique auditory landscape. Multilayered sounds arise in which the stability of our sonic reality is entertained and challenged.

The music is part of an ongoing process referencing late classical romanticism, early electronic and 20th century innovation, along with a byte or two of trance. I create work with a clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards what is essential.





You can also investigate my entire back catalogue of wonky techno stuff from the Studio1057 BandCamp page at http://studio1057.bandcamp.com which includes full free downloads.

There is also an experimental project called Magnets that I have been working on and off for a few years at http://soundcloud.com/siebert-tenseven which is the Siebert Tenseven SoundCloud page, le nom de plume de l'oiseau avec une ambiance scandinave allemand!


This is a download-heavy website that is hosted on a shared server, so there are times when it will not function perfectly. Each file download can be viewed in the horizontal bar included in the media player. Be patient and the files should load correctly. Sometimes it's a good idea to reload the page.

All of the music files are duplicated and available at the Studio1057 SoundCloud page, and all of the videos can be viewed at the Studio1057 YouTube page, however the commentary is not quite as cohesive.